Canterbury is a beautiful and sacred space for weddings. Both our sanctuary, which seats 1,000, and our chapel, which seats 120, have beautiful center aisles that are a bride’s dream. 

For more information or to plan your wedding at Canterbury, contact Wedding Director, Ann Vaughan, at 205.903.4710 or

Wedding Livestream

We are excited that you are considering Canterbury United Methodist Church as the venue for your wedding. More than merely serving as a place for a wedding ceremony, Canterbury seeks to provide a total experience that helps prepare you for your marriage.  

From pre-marriage counseling with one of our pastors (or a counselor recommended by the pastor) to the professional services provided by our Wedding Directors, we want to ensure that a great wedding is the beginning of a great marriage.  

Here are some of the ways we work toward that:

  • Weddings are first and foremost worship services meant to honor God. We expect all persons involved in your wedding to maintain an appropriate reverence as is observed in all worship services at Canterbury
  • Weddings here are presided over by Canterbury-related pastors who are confident that you have been adequately prepared to enter into the marriage relationship through premarital counseling
  • Should you desire a non-Canterbury-related pastor to assist in the wedding ceremony, this can be discussed with one of Canterbury’s pastors, who will be responsible for extending the official invitation to the pastor who will be assisting
  • The wedding liturgy (ceremony), vows, and other worship components of the wedding service will come from the alternatives provided by the United Methodist Book of Worship
  • You may request a wedding homily, brief sermon, or message from the pastor from Canterbury who is leading the service

Agreements and Helpful Documents

Congratulations on this new chapter in your life! We will be in prayer for you as you navigate toward your wedding ceremony and if we can assist you in any way please don’t hesitate to call on us.