Sunday School is a great place to get to know people and develop relationships with people in the same stage of life. Join us every Sunday at 9:15 AM for a variety of classes offered to any age. Feel free to visit different classes to find the one that fits you. For help finding an adult Sunday school class, contact Annie Skinner at 205.868.6580 or

Class Information

Aldersgate50s – 70sMarried & SingleLiz HutchinsM227
Bible Study DialogueIntergenerationalMarried & SingleChris BullockA123
Compass30s – 40sMarried, Raising ChildrenBryan PaulM209
Cornerstone20s – 30sMarried & SingleLee MalletteM304
Covenant50s – 70sMarried & SingleFred & Helen MartinM208
Crawford Owen60s – 80sMarried & SingleTom RobertsM141
Fellowship Too60sMarriedRandle CunninghamM229
Journeys30s – 40sMarried, Single, Raising ChildrenLane BrownM113
J.O.Y.60s – 80sMarried & SingleKirby BlandM129
Seekers40s – 50sMarried & Raising ChildrenVan GladneyM228
PathwaysIntergenerationalMarried, Single, Raising ChildrenAnne WarrenM226
Singles50s – 70sSingleDick CoffeeM114
YASS20s – 30sMarried & SingleTrey & Carmen EcholsM140
New Bible Study ClassIntergenerationalMarried & SingleAnnie SkinnerM120
New Young Adult Class20sMarried & SingleMary Nelson LittleM350

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