Funerals at Canterbury

Canterbury United Methodist Church is a faith-filled and compassionate congregation. Our commitment is to represent Jesus in every phase of life’s journey. Beginning with our baptism, going on through confirmation and Christian discipleship, and finally to the hope of resurrection through faith in Jesus Christ. Canterbury UMC is here for you and your family through all of life’s stages.

The end of someone’s life on this side of eternity is often filled with grief and heartbreak for their loved ones. Many times, family members are required to make a multitude of decisions in difficult circumstances. One of the final gifts we can give them is to make our wishes known regarding our final arrangements. To help with this, Canterbury has a booklet to offer each member of the congregation that we hope will:

  • Enhance our theological understanding of and our preparedness for death
  • Aid us in the practical and personal preparations for death
  • Help with funeral or memorial service preparations
  • Assist loved ones when that time comes

The material is based on the United Methodist Book of Worship and outlines the specific policies and procedures of Canterbury United Methodist Church. We hope that each person who prepares for their final arrangements will keep a copy with their personal papers and give a copy to the church office where it will be kept in strictest confidence.

You can download a copy of the booklet by clicking the button below.


If you or a loved one would like to have their final resting at Canterbury United Methodist Church, Canterbury is able to accommodate this request with two columbaria on our grounds.

For Colombarium information, please contact:
Clare Mallette

For information regarding funerals, please contact