Books to Prisons began in August 2021 as a non-profit organization that sends free books to incarcerated individuals throughout Texas and Alabama. Many prisoners have very little access to books and educational material so Books to Prisons helps bridge that gap. Incarcerated individuals do not have the freedom to go out themselves and buy books, and reading provides these individuals with the ability to educate themselves in ways they would not be able to otherwise. We are amazed at the regular book requests we receive. From philosophy and astronomy to the great Stephen King which is constantly requested. 

The effort had a simple start, and it has experienced significant growth over the past two years. The ministry now has its own library and distribution center housed right here in the halls of Canterbury. On any given weekday, you will find the Books to Prisons library open and manned by dedicated volunteers hard at work organizing recently donated books, cleaning shelves, or selecting books for weekly shipments to inmates. 

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Books to Prisons is a well organized, dedicated group of volunteers that helps promote reading, literacy, and the right to read wherever you may be, including behind bars. – Shannon Wadlington

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