A personal and contemplative practice for the season of Lent.

Just as the followers of Jesus walked the countryside with Him, you are invited to walk with Him daily during your Lenten practice. Canterbury is challenging each of us to walk a mile every day of Lent.

Families and individuals can join this challenge by placing your name on the paper shoes and adding them to our challenge board located near the round desk at the Welcome Center.

This is a self-guided walk designed to give you an activity and time to breathe and to contemplate. There is a one-mile path around the Canterbury campus that you can take, or you can plan and pace your walk however and wherever you want. Preparation for your journey is simple – bring only an open mind and heart ready to encounter and receive God’s presence and love.

As you walk, you are encouraged to ponder these questions:

  1. What areas of your life need a new beginning or renewal? Whose shoes can you step into that can help guide them to a new beginning or renewal?
  2. What temptations are you facing? What are the rocky places in your life? Whose shoes can you step into to gain new insights that will help them with their temptations?
  3. As you seek to follow Christ, does your commitment require you to change paths? Are there any sacrifices you are being called to make? Whose shoes can you step into to create a clear path to Christ?
  4. In what ways are you in need of forgiveness? Whose shoes can you step into that may allow you to forgive someone for a wrong they have done?
  5. In your life what something needs to end so something new can begin? Whose shoes can you step into to turn their worst moments into resurrection and hope?
  6. Are you sitting on the sidelines to find your place in ministry? Whose shoes can you step into to step out of your everyday life into a life of serving alongside Jesus?

Share photos of your walk by tagging @canterburyumc on social media and by using hashtags #intheirshoes and #lentenwalkchallenge.