Age range: 35+, married
Average attendance: 25
Teaching style: Lecture and discussion
Location: Room M120
Class Contacts: Lee Clanton,

About Young Shepherds: Sidney Wood has been our regular discussion leader since the inception of the class.  However, the focus of the class is participatory discussion rather than lecture.  All viewpoints are welcome and, in fact, encouraged.  We consider our class to be an environment where different ideas and viewpoints can be expressed and discussed freely.  Our study topics range over a wide variety of subjects and are chosen by group consensus.  We strive to become more educated as Methodists, Christians, and humans; and seek to challenge ourselves both intellectually and spiritually. 
Outreach Activities Include: Our class participates in various outreach programs sponsored by the Church, and we are always looking for new avenues of participation in this regard, both as a class and as individuals.
Other: We see the class as more than just a Sunday school class, but also an opportunity to form relationships.  In this regard, We take many opportunities throughout the year to get together outside of Sunday school.