Opportunity Within Canterbury

If you prefer to serve on-site at Canterbury, consider these many ways that you can help fellow Canterburians and their families.

Opportunity Within Canterbury  outreach volunteer sign up at canterbury

Volunteer in the Community

Participate in service to those in need locally, regionally, and globally. Canterbury  Outreach Ministries provide funds and servants for twenty-seven local and six international organizations, and ten percent of Canterbury’s total budget is devoted to ministry efforts outside the church. 

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Brown Bag Project

Our food pantry ministry, Brown Bag Project, provides complete meal bags filled with nutritious staple goods to aid families or individuals who find themselves in need of food. Clients may come to us twice a month on any Friday. We gather together in Canterbury Hall- sign in begins at 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. (light refreshments are served while they wait) Meal bags are distributed at 11:00.

Brown Bag Project  brown bag project meals

Carpenter's Hands

Carpenter's Hands is a low-income, housing repair ministry of Canterbury United Methodist Church.

Carpenter's Hands  carpenters hands house repairs

United Methodist Women (UMW)

Responding tUnited Methodist Women are organized for mission locally and globally. In 1869, we started out with 6 members, but today there are nearly 1,000,000. Members are of all ages, races, cultures, and languages. They seek wholeness for themselves and for others, especially women, youth, and children.

Avondale Samaritan Place

Working together, Canterbury UMC and Avondale UMC have created a unique Community Hub for Christian Service in Avondale.

Avondale Samaritan Place

Mission Trips

Your main resource for upcoming Mission Trip Information; including a check list, forms to download and fill out, a rough itinerary, packing list and disclaimer to help make all the prep work for entering in on this adventure a little easier and organized. If you have any questions please contact Rachel Estes at 874-1566 or

Mission Trips

Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Ministry Team here at Canterbury spends time every weekday in prayer with the concerns and celebrations of our congregation and our community. Every month over 60 people give their time, energy and faithfulness to undergird the life of Canterburians and of Canterbury with intentional prayer.

Prayer Ministry

Beeson Trust

The Beeson Committee at Canterbury is working hard each quarter to find ways to help the “needy, elderly, including medical treatment, in Jefferson County.” That is the purpose for which Mrs. Beeson gave money to be administered by the Canterbury Beeson Trust.
Recent Grants   
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Stephen Ministry

Christ caring for people through people. At some point in life, every person needs someone to be present to listen and care. Our Stephen Ministers are trained to be compassionate listeners to people experiencing life's struggles. Read more if you could use the care of a Stephen Minister or if you want to become a Stephen Minister.

Stephen Ministry

Outreach Grant Letter & Application

If your organization is either a recipient of funds from the Outreach 2014 budget or has expressed an interest in submitting a funding request for consideration with regard to the Outreach 2015 budget, please see these Guidelines for Funding Request Applications and Outreach Team Funding Request Application.

Letter & Application