Age range: Late 30s-40s, married, raising children
Average attendance: 40-50
Teaching style: combination lecture and discussion
Location: M118
Class Contacts: Andy Sink, 970-4141, Cleo Kathryn Gorman 317-3996

About Seekers:  The Seekers class is made up of members from varying denominational backgrounds and hometowns.  This variety provides for many different perspectives as we “Seek” to better understand the life God has given us.   We have covered a variety of topics over the years.  Typically we try to identify issues or questions relevant to our members and build a curriculum to match.  Recent topics covered included multi week series focusing on Marriages and Parenting.  Past topics include studies on particular books of the Bible,  Understanding Methodist theology, and a wide variety of other life application topics. We have both regular teachers who are members of our class as well as regularly bringing in outside speakers who are experts on a particular topic.  Our class has many members actively engaged in a variety of programs at Canterbury and we seek to make our class a forum for communication on how to connect into these programs and other ministries available at Canterbury.