Resource Center

Welcome to the Resource Center!

The Resource Center is an inviting setting where adults will find hands-on resources for spiritual growth ministries. Teaching and Bible study resources, multimedia curriculum samples, and internet resources are easily accessible to adults to meet a variety of ministry needs.

The Ten Commandments Resources

What's New in the Adult Resource Center

The RC Catalog is now available online! Find out what we have available for checkout from the convenience of home. Click here to start searching now.

We also have many books for sale in the Adult Resource Center! Click here to see what's available.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday-Thursday - 9am to 3pm

Wednesday Evening - 5pm to 7pm

Is the RC Open on Sunday mornings?
Yes, with the help of trained volunteers! And we would love to have several more! To serve once every 4, 6, or 8 weeks, contact Ellen Thomas at 874-1533. Volunteers will be trained in simple steps for selling books, checking out books, and helping people with resources.