JOY Class

Age Range: 55 - 70s, Married and Single
Average Attendance: 70
Teaching Style: Lecture
Location: M129
Class Contacts: Kathy Parsons,, 879-4876
Nancy DeVaney Maenza,, 835-7733 


About the JOY Class: In 1957 Allen Montgomery, Canterbury Senior Minister, asked three young men (Manley Yeilding, Taylor Thorington and Clyde Coker) to meet with him to discuss forming a young adults Sunday School class.  As a result the Jesus Others You Sunday School Class was formed and met for the first time on Easter Sunday 1957 with 15 people in attendance.  Bew White was the teacher for that first session and continued to teach for many years.  A number of our current members have been members of the class since the late 1950’s. 


Currently the Class has about 115 members with an average attendance of about 75. Members of the class have served as Sunday School teachers, Sunday School superintendents and other positions in the church. The members continue to be involved in Brown Bag, Stephen Ministries, BHN, kitchen helpers for Wednesday Night Suppers, Prison Ministries, etc. We have a collection every Sunday and use the money for donations to worthy ministries within and without our church. We are fortunate to have great teachers.  They rotate, teaching once a month. They are Laura Sisson, Betty Gunn, Oliver Clark, Dixon Mitchell and Sam Williamson. Annie Skinner has stepped in when we need a substitute. 


Over the years many things have changed. However, the friendliness, warm spirit and dedication of the JOY Class members and its teachers have endured. In 2000, two beautiful stained glass windows were installed in the class room. One was donated in memory of William 0. "Bill" Whitt by his associate, Mr. Chuck Bonovitch. The second window was donated by Jean Whitt and other members of the class in memory of and in honor of JOY Class members. The class paid tribute to Bew White by the donation of the Paschal Candle in the chancel. The candle is lighted on special occasions, such as for baptisms and funerals. The lectern from the old Fellowship Hall is now used by the class.



Our class lectures are based on the Adult Bible Series and special lessons prepared by our teachers.  We actively seek new members and visitors.  Come and enjoy our fellowship.


Outreach Activities Include:  Brown Bag; Birmingham Hospitality Network; Church of the Reconciler; Carpenter’s Hands; Church without Walls; Fountain of Love; Camp Sumatonga; Promise Home; Stop Hunger Now
Other:  Prior to our class meeting each Sunday, our members enjoy socializing with coffee and treats provided by our ladies.  We celebrate the Christmas season with a class gathering for brunch or lunch.