Church and Society Team


The mission of the Church and Society Team is: ”To encourage life-transforming Christian leadership and faith in action that promotes peace and social justice, beginning in our own community, and extending around the world.” The team also seeks to implement the current short form of the mission statement of Canterbury: Follow Jesus … Serve Others. The Team seeks to accomplish this by:
  • Identifying and highlighting the Bible’s call to people of faith to promote social justice and civic righteousness.
  • Promoting a sense of Christian obligation to thoughtfully consider and involve ourselves in social issues.
  • Raising awareness of social issues both within our congregation and among civic leaders and politicians.
  • Fostering thoughtful debate and respect for differing opinions on social issues.
  • Promoting analysis of social issues through "the eyes of Christ."
  • Advancing a belief within Canterbury that as Christians we have an obligation to exercise our faith as we live and work in society.