Age range: Majority of the class 50s-60s,married and single
Average attendance: 30
Teaching style: discussion using class facilitators
Location: Room M227
Class Contacts: Sam Hess, and Jan Gessert,

About Aldersgate: We are a very open class and enjoy Bible study as well as book studies dealing with the application of Christian principles and theology to daily living.  Class participants are encouraged to read during the week, and members volunteer to lead the discussion in class.  Studies have included: Invitation to Romans; Invitation to the Old Testament; Church-Wide Lenten and Advent Studies; United Methodist Social Principles; Why I am a United Methodist; United Methodist Beliefs; Celebration of Discipline; The Preaching Life; The book of John.  Active discussion is a hallmark of this class — members enjoy full discussion in a free and congenial environment.  No perspective reigns above others.
Currently StudyingFall of 2015 we are studying Henri Nouwen's Making All Things New: An Invitation to the Spiritual Life, and Adam Hamilton's Why? Making Sense of God's Will.  Subsequent studies to continue with class objective of active participation in theological discussion.


Outreach Activities Include: Birmingham Hospitality Network; Brown Bag; Church of the Reconciler; Eastlake United Methodist Church; Carpenter's Hands; CUMC Youth outreach activities; Urban Ministries.  Members of this class tend to be pretty engaged in outreach through work as well.  Multiple other individual outreach interests for the greater good are shared with the class for additional perspectives and participation. 
Other: This class also enjoys quarterly social gatherings and usually moments of fellowship with refreshments on Sunday mornings during class.